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Facemasks d in the eyes.B. ecause, the figure of Ye Han did not appear from the corpse of the locust.His fluttering voice suddenly came into Fang Facemasks Tianxiao s ear You are not very interested in the witchcraft secrets I have mastered.Now I can tell you that this secret technique is called the Witch Seal.There are three kinds of seals. Hey, each of the seals has three different functions, aiding, defending, and attacking.Fang Tianxiao suddenly turned around and found that Ye Han had appeared behind Facemasks him.Ye Han looked at him indifferently, and the seal in his hand was changing.He continued The only thing I used was the auxiliary Facemasks and defense functions of Facemasks the third seal of the Witch Seal.One is used to Facemasks trap you. The other is to confuse you.Sure enough Fang Tianxiao s heart is stunned, and the Facemasks swell of the water and fire is really only used to trap him, and even the Ye Han that he just attacked with the holy fire is just a kind of clever disguise.However, this kind of sleepy technique is powerful enough to make people feel that it is an attack,

and the camouflage technique is also the most powerful camouflage that Fang Tianxiao has ever seen since he was born.Even his holy fire can be passed n95 mask distribution santa barbara over. Fang Tianxiao stared at the Yinlu in Ye Han s hands.Although he did not feel any strength from Facemasks it, he made him fe.el more vigilant. He said in a deep is there a vaccine for feline coronavirus voice So, then you just want to cast a real attack.Good Ye Han nodded hku coronavirus and said, This is what I can play now, the strongest attack of the Witch Seal.If you have not used any means, just come out, or maybe you will not There is any chance to show Facemasks it again As soon as the sound fell, his hands suddenly released.Dan Wang Fang Tianxiao saw him in respirator full mask r95 filters his hands, Facemasks and the fire and the water were turned into fireknife and ice sword, and he was tightly held by him.Booming He was a slight move of thought, and the sword Facemasks field instantly enveloped Fang respirator mask washable hospital Tianxiao.Fang Tianxiao suddenly had some puzzles. Fang Cai, who knows that Facemasks the martial arts attack is Facemasks useless Facemasks to him, why is it re displayed in the martial arts field at this moment It s hard to b


e true.What is the difference between the martial arts field he exhibited at the moment and the previous one However, at this moment, his spiritual knowledge constantly squints around.In addition to seeing that Ye Han is exhibiting this martial Facemasks art Facemasks field, the weapon used is different from the previous one, but it is a combination of two forces, but Facemasks it is not noticed.What is different When Fang Tianxiao just thought of this, Ye Han has moved.Remember this trick, I call it a ruin. The cold voice fell into the moment of F.ang Tianxiao s ear, and the figure of Ye Han has completely disappeared.Fang Tianxiao knows that this is only a sudden increase in his speed, and even his spiritual knowledge can not capture the results.Next moment He was black in front of Facemasks his eyes, as if he had been caught in the neck by death.Silently, the space around him suddenly collapsed. Yes, the space is broken directly Fang Tianxiao never imagined that the attack of the Facemasks Witch Emperor had reached the horrible effect of directly smashing the space.Origina

lly, he has already displayed the field of ambiguity, but the field is originally the use of power in space.Once the space is broken, the field naturally collapses.So, only Facemasks a moment, the fragmented space debris, let Fang Tianxiao s body collapse directly into countless pieces.Chapter 486, oysters and leaves cold what Among the heavy towers, Ai Luoli suddenly widened his eyes and his swing surgeon golf face was unbelievable.At this edm respirator mask moment, her heart is ups and downs, like a tsunami, she can t calm respirator chemo cartridge down.The person who shocked her so much is naturally the leaf that she has been paying attention to.Originally, when Ye Hanfang showed why do girls wear face masks in softball the third layer of the seal of the Witch Emperor, she was only an accident, and at the Facemasks same time, full of expectations.However, Ye Han actually showed her in Facemasks why does suga wear face mask f. ront of her, but it was not only as simple as mastering the third layer of the Witch Seal.In her mind, Facemasks Ye Hanfang repeatedly responded to Fang Tianxiao s various moves.The so called three different Facemasks uses Facemasks of the third layer of the Witch Seal assist, def